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Theme: Thriving Through Friendship and Service

The past couple of years have been among the most challenging we have faced in generations. The world has essentially been in “lock down” because of the pandemic and all its associated challenges. Individuals, families, and communities have been, and continue to be, faced with a myriad of pressures in multiple arenas -- including health, social, and economic.

The members of the Treasure Coast (FL) Chapter of the Links, Incorporated understands that we have been created “for such a time as this.” We realize that we are called to serve our chapter and our community because of all that is taking place, not despite it. Our members have pursued innovative methods of delivering transformational programming across the Treasure Coast during the
pandemic and will continue to do so even as it begins to shift.



During the pandemic, our chapter helped to provide COVID-19 education and access to vaccinations for more than 50,000 people in conjunction with our community partners across the Treasure Coast. We were also able to continue our work educating our community about the risks associated with Metabolic Syndrome —providing almost 15,000 thousand individuals with lifesaving information through our nationally awarded Linking Together Against Syndrome X program. Almost 400 Treasure Coast families spent valuable time Discovering the Treasures of Home Ownership and receiving the keys to successfully attaining home ownership and building generational wealth. Our Linking to Immobilize Human Tracking program empowered thousands to recognize, disrupt, and prevent the devastating impact of human trafficking. These are but a few of the incredible endeavors of the phenomenal women of the Treasure Coast (FL) Chapter! Each of our five facets has been actively engaged in touching the lives of others through programming as well as providing scholarships to assist our young people with achieving their educational goals.

While serving the wider community we have also learned, to a new degree, the critical importance of caring for ourselves and each other. In our sessions of prayer, fellowship, laughter, and listening we have supported and nurtured one another, enabling us to not only survive but to THRIVE, through friendship and service. We have every expectation of continuing to help our community do the same: THRIVE. THRIVE no matter what circumstances exist around us. THRIVE by tapping into love, strength, faith, and the gifts and talents in one another. Join us!



Wilhelmina Lewis Lyons, M.D.
     Chapter President

Wilhelmina Lewis MD_headshot.png


Phyllis_Gillespie Green Background.png

Phyllis Gillespie, Esq

Immediate Past President   


Arlena Benton Lee



Chapter Co-Organizer 

First Chapter President


Fourth Chapter President


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